Emily Willcock

9:59 AM (2 hours ago)

Good morning Irene,

Each year, Monroe County Community College holds an Honors Reception to acknowledge those who have made a difference in the college.  It is my pleasure to tell you that you have won the Outstanding Diversity Program of the Year.  

Congratulations!  Your presentation was voted the best by the campus community. 


The Honors Reception will be held Friday, April 26th in the Meyer Theater located in the La-Z-Boy Center at 6:30 p.m.  Following the program, desserts will be served in the Atrium.  This is a wonderful event honoring our students and the community. 


Our President, Dr. Kojo Quartey, will present you with the award and will include quotes from the nominations for your presentation.  Please let me know if you are able to attend.  We would love to see you there to receive the award in person.



Cottone, Matthew    3/ 26, 2023, 11:35 AM

 to me, Robert



Irene, you were absolutely amazing. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful feedback from everyone. I will definitely continue to pass your information on to anyone I can at various schools. I will definitely be in touch in the future. I will also be in touch regarding the books. 


You have so much energy, it is contagious. Thank you for sharing your story. You brought a memorable learning experience to so many members of our student body, staff, and community. Thank you for all that you do. I hope to one day see you at the DIA as well. :) 


Thanks again,


Matt Cottone

 Van Hoosen Middle School in Rochester Hills.

Bobbie Golani  , Oct 21, 8:33 PM (2023)

Dear  Irene,


…  On behalf of all the sponsoring organizations, thank you so much for your articulate and expressive presentations. The stories of knowledge, insight, honor, love, loyalty, courage, bravery and resilience that you brought to residents of our communities will long be remembered and I know impacted us deeply.  I believe the man in the green sport coat from the Petoskey said it best, when he stood up and said  "Are you aware that we have all fallen in love with you?" 


For me, no truer words could have been spoken and I feel so lucky because beyond hearing your formal presentation, I was able to spend some very precious informal time with you, which I dearly loved.



Dear Irene,

My wife and I attended your recent talk at the Springfield Township library and then, a few days later, had the pleasure to speak with you briefly before the jubilee concert in Farmington. Since then we have read your outstanding book. (We read out loud to each other so that we are always on the same page.) Your humanity and eloquence shine through your speaking and your writing, both of which moved us deeply and serve as inspirational beacons for this unsettling time of the world. Among your many gifts is the rare ability to bring your childhood experiences to life with honesty and compassion. Yours is the perfect voice -- calm, warm, humane, charitable, earnest -- to recount the horrific and devastating adversities to which you and your family and your culture were subjected. The heartache your readers feel at the relentless brutality and indignities you survived is balanced with sweet images like the sanctuary your mulberry tree provided. Your overarching message of tolerance and cooperation is one we all would do well to heed.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Kurt Jung

From: Jessica Luther via Michlib-l <michlib-l@mcls.org>

Date: Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 11:12 AM

Subject: [Michlib-l] Program Recommendation: Irene Miller

To: Michlib-l@mcls.org <michlib-l@mcls.org>


The Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library hosted Holocaust survivor, author, and educator Irene Miller last night. We had a huge turnout to hear her speak about her experiences as a child during the Holocaust- fleeing Poland to Russia, being sent to a Siberian work camp, and an orphanage in Uzbekistan. She was an engaging and inspiring speaker. You can learn more about her at her website: http://www.irenemillerspeaker.com/home

She is based out of Bloomfield Hills, so the Library provided overnight accommodations and reimbursed her mileage from her engagement the day before, in addition to an honorarium. Her speaking fees are flexible.

I cannot recommend her enough to have at your library, school, or other community organization




Hi All,   10/30/2018


We had a great speaker on the topic of the Holocaust recently whom I would like to recommend to any library interested in that topic.  Irene Miller, an author who lives in southeast Michigan, wrote a book called Into No Man’s Land;A Historical Memoir detailing her and her family’s experience escaping Poland during the Holocaust.  She was extremely engaging, educational and inspiring.  We had a record amount of people attend and every single one of them was very moved by her story.  Her contact information is on her website: http://www.irenemillerspeaker.com/

Thank you,

Kimberly Schaaf


Springfield Twp. Library

12000 Davisburg Rd.

Davisburg MI, 48350


--------------------------------------Dear Irene,-------------------------------------------------------

What an impact you have had on the Copper Country! The coverage in the Daily Mining Gazette for two days front page stories, and today I learned that parents were coming to the public library looking for books about the Holocaust for their kids to read before you spoke at their school. We should have thought ahead of time about purchasing a copy of your book for the library.

Thank you so much for coming again to speak at Temple Jacob. We are grateful.

Wishing you a good safe trip home and all the best. Take care and be well.--

Susan Burack


What a privilege and honor to meet both you and Bob!  Our students are still talking about your presentation as well as our parents.  Many students shared your story at home.  What a tribute to a fine teacher--the lesson is worthy to talk about at the dinner table at night.  The ultimate compliment!

Michele Deming

Boyne City High School

 Herold Press , Huntington, Indiana.   February 26 2017

Hello Irene,

We have both recently finished your incredible book entitled Into No Man’s Land. This was truly one of the most powerful and moving books we have ever read. Reading your description, of the childhood you never really had, was heart-breaking.

To meet the person who lived through that horrible time and to find someone so enthusiastic, humorous, intelligent, strong and full of life was amazing.

Our travels into the world of the Maya was a wonderful experience, but a highlight which we will forever cherish was meeting you.

Thank you. Best wishes, Don and Sheila

Irene, I drove to work this morning trying to think of the words to thank you for the gift of you meeting with us last night.  You touched every woman’s heart and we left grateful for the message and lessons you left us with.  I understand why the psychologists want to interview you – you’ve survived unimaginable losses, yet carry on and deliver your message with such spirit and hug incarcerated youth and talk to strangers with an obvious love and joy in your heart.  We have much to learn from you.  I got an e-mail from one of the women from last night say

I can not thank you enough for rearranging your schedule, coming here on short notice, and sharing such an important message with our students.  I have had countless students coming to expressing their gratitude and amazement of your story and message.   Students were deeply touched and have a new appreciation for the acceptance of each others differences.  You were a wonderful speaker and easily captivated your audience.  Thank you again very much for your time.  We can not begin to express our gratitude.  


I must have read hundreds of books on the war and holocaust, this is another gem. Easy to read, the storyline draws you in and provides a different aspect of ethnic cleansing in Europe. Wastelands near the borders with refugees fleeing into a no mans land from where they disappear. The story told from a child's perspective is fascinating. - Amazon Review

Dear Irene

I want to thank you so much for participating in our Constitution Day program last Friday.  It was such an honor to meet you and to hear your amazing life story. 

This was our 11th year of hosting this program and I have never seen a group of students so attentive to our speaker.  They were mesmerized by your talk and know that you have planted a seed that they will never forget. 

Thank you again for coming and I hope our paths cross soon.



Karen Koshen

Court Resource and Program Specialist

Court Administration

Oakland County Circuit


“Hundreds of faces fixated in solemn silence onto Irene Miller Thursday afternoon at the Beal City High School. You could hear a pin drop “ - Local newspaper“It was the best experience the students could ever have” - Parent

“I finished your book last night before going to sleep, and this morning I knew that I had to email you. Even now the tears continue - don't get me wrong, I have a great life and I have been thoroughly happy and busy with many other things. But you have changed me and I wanted to say, "Thank You." I will not forget, and don't want to forget, your story. While reading your book, I could hear your voice narrating it to me in my head because I had actually heard you speak. It was a perfect thing.

You truly are a blessing to SO many. Your courage is a great and special thing to witness and I have been permanently touched. Thank you for what you represent, for who you have taught and impacted and will continue to - especially our youth, for what you endured, for who you have become. You truly are a beautiful person.


Dear Irene

I just finished your incredible story after two sittings. I sit here numb… with all you went through. Your story has really struck a chord and I can’t wait to share it with others. A few weeks ago, I saw you speak at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI. I was so moved and haunted by the displays and your final words.

Thank you for writing your amazing numbing story. You are an incredible inspiration. And I’ll never complain about anything ever again.

 Best regards!

Most sincerely,



The real success of this book is in the way it manages to be so enjoyable and readable while describing such grim events. I'd love to see this book made into a movie. The story pulls the reader along enthusiastically. It refuses to avert its eyes from harsh realities, yet consistently delivers equally real sparks of joy, hope and humor. It's also an inspiring story of perseverance and triumph over circumstance, as despite her extreme childhood challenges, Irene becomes a celebrated student and rises to the top of her career later in life. Highly recommend



I am an avid reader as well as a writer myself. This was one of the touching books which I have read in recent years. Ms. Miller, in her style of writing, made me both feel and visualize, that I was accompanying her, as well as her mother Bella, on their horrible plight to escape the wrath of torture that was administered by the German troops.

This book, brings a sense of realization as to how blessed I am not to have had to experience such trauma at such a young age.

Thank you Irene Miller for having fortitude and dedication to share your experiences with those who have been fortunate enough to have been able to read Into No Man’s Land.



 I find stories such as Irene's fascinating and very compelling reading. Irene had many reasons to feel lost, abused and alone in the horrible realities of her life, but it is so important for her to share those experiences with us so we can better understand what happens to so many people in this world. There is no way we can fully experience the frightening realities of her life, but at least we can know these things have and do happen and maybe it will make us all aware of our good fortunes and be more mindful of the needs of others. All people deserve a good life and to be respected, but Irene's account exposes life's realities as falling far short of that ideal. Many times, in tragic proportions. May every future good fortune be her unending reality. -Amazon Review