Irene's Objectives

Give a face to the darkest chapter of human history.

Promote tolerance and diversity.

Inspire positive action, including anti-bullying.

Empower people to overcome obstacles in life, by example.

Irene Miller, a Holocaust survivor, will take you on a survival journey little written and known about. You will sleep in the winter under an open sky on the no man’s land; you will freeze in a Siberian labor camp where the bears come to your door front. In Uzbekistan, you will live on boiled grass or broiled onions, and shiver with malaria. You will spend years in orphanages. When this is over you will wonder how a child with this background grows up to become a positive, creative, accomplished woman with a joy of living and love to share.

"[The book is] an inspiring story of perseverance and triumph over circumstance"     -Reader

Brigadier General Michael Lalor (Tank-automotive and Armament Command Commander)

Command Sergeant Major Kendra St Helen (Tank-automotive and Armament Senior Enlisted Advisor)

Colonel Kevin Polosky (Tank-automotive and Armament Command Chief of Staff)